jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

what is tuenti

That the question my mother anser me days ago...She never had the neccesity of use a computer.She always do her things without it, but recentelly whwn she see me ,using it every day, to do proywcts, to watch films ,,o just to talk with friends...
For my mother, the most modern way of comunication is SMS(and she still having problems to send it)For me, is tuenti is the most frecuent way to chat with my friends.

But there is something in social networks that in my opinion is clearly negtive. Ithink, that due to this webs, lot of peole loss a lot of time in front of the screen , when they they can be outside, enjoying lot of things..
during tjis four days, i will uplotded posts comparing how, intenet has change our lives..

the question is...are this changes goods or not?

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  1. You are right that we spend too much time on the Internet instead of outside... it's a pitty!