domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


Internet has change the life of anyone who is into it. Adults teenagers children, everybody has been touched by it.
But of course teenagers and kids are the majority of the users of internet .Kids use it for play games online and teenagers to chat or watch films etc..To adults, interne t it is a "strange" even that some of tem have decide to learn how to use it, a very important part do not have any idea.
Internet has change our lives, nowadays you can do almost everything by it Far away from those days in when you have to go to every place to buy things food tickets,these days in what you have to phone a friend if you want to talk.....

So finally i want to express wht means for me and for my life internet and social network.
Obviously, for me internet is a very useful tool to work , to get information etc..but ,I use it principally for chatting or for getting getting tickets to events or to travell.

Having social networks as tuenti or facebook has give the chance to know more people, or to knowing better those who i know already.
But i have to admit that this disctract me a lot , and sometimes i prefer to stay at home rather than go out becuase of that.
So internet is good but you know dont abuse of it

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